Harron's 2 in 1 care kit

Harron Custom Guitars

The perfect 2 in 1 care kit for your guitar. Keep your fingerboard clean and hydrated, as well as your finish, gloss or satin, looking better than ever. If you have a satin/matte guitar, skip out on the boddy butter, this combo is perfect for you!

-Harrons Board Sauce is a cleaner AND rejuvenator, specifically formulated for exposed fingerboards such as ebony and rosewood. It will clean, polish, preserve and re hydrate dirty and old fretboard's, and also helps in the reduction of surface imperfections. Use our board sauce to condition regularly and return your fingerboards natural lustre.

 -Harron's Speed Wipe is perfect for those quick after gig clean ups and wipe downs! Designed not strip or remove our Harron's Body Butter, our speed wipe is both anti static and reduces overall dust attraction by up to 75%, and is amazing for satin/matte finishes, no more greasy residue on your matt black guitars! Also designed to prolong the effects of Harron's Body Butter Wax by retaining its resistant polymer coating!

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