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"I've used other wax but nothing has given such a glassy finish and lasted so long!"

Guitar Technician - Architects UK

"Finally a real polish system that really polishes and really protects and maintains our precious investments!"

Phill - Long time HCG customer

"The BEST varient of each product i've ever used!"

Josh Smith - Northlane

"The subtle flamed maple top on my guitar now had a whole new depth to it!"

Mixdown Magazine - Australia

"Runs rings around all the other stuff I've tried! the body butter made even my most scratched up and dented guitar look brand new."

Nerrilee - First time user

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Designed with experience in mind

We've taken our years of experience in repairing guitar and bass, then put a little of it in each and every bottle of Harron's Speed Wipe, Body Butter and Board Sauce!!

Who are we?

Harron Custom Guitars made our start repairing and modifying guitar, bass and acoustic in 2013. We have always strived to raise the bar, and deliver the utmost in customer satisfaction, you can view some of our repairs via our facebook page Harron Custom Guitars

Harron Custom Guitars repairs parts and guitar customization