About Harron Custom Guitars


Harron Custom Guitars sunburst fender Japanese jaguar

Harron Custom Guitars made it's entry into the music industry when Michael Harron began repairing, and servicing electric and acoustic guitars professionally in April, 2013.

As a young teen always pulling things apart to see how and why they came together, Michael never knew after being given his first guitar that music, and his curiosity for craft would quite literally go hand in hand. Years later, after an interest in assembling and wiring kit guitars arose, came the realisation that working personally with people brought a new level of satisfaction, and would soon become a large part of the approach to his work.

Discovering this new found passion and moving into the field of repairing, the first 3 years were spent working a full time job, as well as a further 35-40 hours per week after hours building a brand. Years of hard work turned into a loyal customer base, which became evidence enough to take the leap and turn a hobby into a career, further expanding and opening up new opportunities. After setting a personal goal for this dream to come to fruition in 5 years, it became a reality in just 3.


Late 2016, came the birth of HCG Japanese Custom Builds, a new leg of the business, that took the already popular Japanese market of guitars along with its bang for buck appeal, and transformed it into a customised instrument under a brand people already know and love. New fretwork and electronics would be paramount, setting the bar above that of instruments twice as expensive, for half of the cost.

HCG Japanese Custom Builds red fender telecaster

March 2017 would be the most exciting release to date, venturing outside of repairs with his idea to bring followers a piece of HCG they could purchase no matter where they are in Australia. With Harron's Guitar Care Range came a collaboration of years of repairing, and experiences with other polishes and oils on the market, to release something different.

A product that was home grown, bottled and labelled in the very same workshop, and had a guitarists best interests at heart. Even going through lengths to personally mix and test every single batch of Harron's Board Sauce, and each variant. No short cut was taken in order to bring what Michael, and many other industry professionals consider, the best range of guitar cleaning polishes and oils available today.

Harron's Australian made Boutique Guitar Care Polishes and Oil's