Harron Custom Guitars Workshop Class (May Melbourne AND Brisbane dates available!)

Harron Custom Guitars

full class

New dates for Melbourne AND Brisbane available!!

Classes run for 6 hours:

1 hour theory class covering the fundamentals of guitars

Brief pause for refreshments

5 hour practical session, covering everything from action, intonation, relief, fret polishing and much more!

AfterPay is also available for all class bookings!


What you will receive:

- Tool kit

- string action and measuring tool

- Proper set up technique (Relief, action, intonation etc)

- Proper cleaning and maintenance

- Problem solving from annoying buzzes to tuning stability issues

- In-Depth theory surrounding strings, frets, woods and brief history

- Refreshments


What you need to bring:

- Your guitar and strings

- Pen and pad for taking notes

All details will be emailed to you upon confirmation of payment



- Melbourne classes are held in our Doncaster home workshop 3108

- Brisbane classes are held at our Windsor factory workshop 4030

- Address will be emailed out the week of your classes


You're welcome to drop off other guitars you have that may need repairs/work our classes don't cover.

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Type: Guitar Care