Newtone Strings - Extended Scale Bass (Pre Order)

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We're proud to introduce Newtone Strings for Extended Range Bass Guitar.

Initially designed with Alex Milovic and played by Northlane’s late bassist Brendon Padjasek. Newtone Diamond series strings are constructed of Hex cores with Stainless Wrapping, featuring taper windings over the bridge on the thickest 3 strings.

Perfectly suited for Dingwall Multiscale basses with a scale length of 34-37"*

"The hardest part about playing extremely drop tuned music as a bass player is finding the right bass strings for the job. Not only do they have to be heavy enough to handle the tuning’s but also long enough to string a multi-scale bass. This for me has been my biggest quest and challenge over many years until finding Newtone. The AMDF & AMDG# encompass everything i need in a set of strings for both tunings used with Northlane. Not only are the string gauges perfect and the lengths of string are tailored specifically for a multi scaled instrument but the stainless steel retains the brightness needed to cut through the mix."

*Please check your manufacturers specifications for suitability on other models
Pre Orders will be fulfilled in 14 days.

Flat Rate and Express postage available Australia wide. Current Pre Order time: 14 Days

Please email for any custom/bulk orders

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