Harron's PolyAxe Instrument Cloth

Harron Custom Guitars

Introducing our NEWEST addition to the Harron's Instrument Care range. 

The PolyAxe Micro-fibre Cloth!

Specifically formulated for use with any instrument finish, our extra plush PolyAxe cloth is catered for your instruments needs, and designed for use with our Australian Made instrument care products. Paint, hardware and fingerboard friendly, the PolyAxe Instrument Cloth is your answer to safe, stress free cleaning of your prized possessions!


  • Developed for instrument finishes
  • Custom 25/75% Polyester-Polyamide blend
  • Traps dirt and lifts it away from the paints surface immediately
  • Super absorbent for fast drying with Harron's Speed Wipe
  • Extra plush for quick removal of Harron's Body Butter and buffing a high shine
  • Soft woven cotton tag that wont scratch your paint
  • Hand washable and reusable




A word of advice from Harron Custom Guitars:

"Lint free and lens cleaning cloths (commonly used for cleaning reading glasses) DO NOT remove dirt from the painted surface, and will cause damage to your instrument as they are designed to clean hardened surfaces like glass. These types of cloths should be avoided for painted surfaces, as they can catch dirt particles and swirl them into your guitars finish like sandpaper."


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Type: Accessories

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