Re Fretting Class Tool Kit

Harron Custom Guitars

HCG Refretting tool kit

- This tool kit includes everything you will need to perform your standard unbound de fret, and re fret installation, as well as general fret seating for your setups (Hammer) and checking over the fingerboard for uneven or unseated frets (Fret Rocker)

Kit includes
- 1 x 9” HCG branded and designed fretting/re seating hammer (Hickory handle, 8oz brass head with replaceable nylon head, this will come with 1 spare nylon head)
- 1 x HCG steel fret rocker
- 1 x 6” steel flat faced fret end cutters
- 1 x 5.5” steel flat faced fret pulling pliers

Limited to 50 kits, similar kits are upwards of $250AUD.

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Category: fretting kit

Type: Accessories

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